Coach Youth Soccer: 3 Simple But Effective Training Drills

Let’s face it! To coach youth soccer, it is a challenge to be creative and come up with innovative tips and techniques to train the kids. In teaching soccer, the biggest difficulty is to keep thinking about new ideas that make the training for kids interesting.

What follow are some drills that you can teach youth soccer players. These help them not just focus on the game, become proficient in soccer, but also enjoy the game.

Get the kids going with dribbling and shooting: This is a simple drill that involves all the players at the same time. Instruct the players to stand on a single goal line. Now, spread the balls all over the soccer field. Once done, tell the kids to play with the balls as if they are moving towards the opponent’s goal. They should also hit the ball as soon as they get a chance.

This workout helps the kids build their stamina, confidence and also improves their dribbling skills. As the kids do not face any opposition while moving forward, it reflects their style of playing soccer.

Passing the Ball: In this game, make the kids stand in a queue at a distant corner of the field. Tell them to run towards you as fast as possible as soon as you have finished counting till 3. Ask the player running towards you to try to take the possession of the ball from the player who has it. When you shout stop, the ball must be passed by the player who has it to someone else.

When you coach youth soccer, these drills bring out the best in kids when it comes to passing and dribbling. This way, the players also learn a very important skill of snatching the ball from other players.

Touch and Go: A game full of fun that kids just love to play it. Make the young players stand in two queues not more than 40 feet from the goal post. Besides, the goalpost should be defended by the goalie. You should stand someplace between the two rows.

Now pass the ball to one of the queues and instruct them to shoot or pass the ball using only one touch. The objective should be to attack the goal. Continue practicing the game after the goalie has returned the ball.

Swap your goalies in between the practice meetings if there are more than two goalkeepers. This sport enables players to perk up their shooting skills through team effort. Also, the goalkeepers learn to save the ball from hitting the goal post. Check here for more

Keeping the ball with you: Players get to learn the skill of moving ahead with the ball protecting it from the opposite team. Get two players so that one plays as attacker and second guards the ball. Guide them to play their respective roles and win points every time any player wins over the other.

These account for some easiest practices to coach youth soccer. Make your kids practice them and you will help them learn and have fun at the same time. Become a member of our youth coaching community for more knowledge and tips on the same.