The Best Trampolines for Children

Finding good trampolines for children can be a little confusing if this is the first time you have purchased a trampoline. It is not too complicated and once you understand the vital points you can decide on a kid’s trampoline that fits your budget, the outdoor play area, and your children.

A full sized trampoline with all the safety features and deeply discounted might not be the best choice in trampolines for children if you were purchasing it for the sole use of a 3 year old, only child. So, let us consider the age of the children using the trampoline and the outdoor playground.

A toddler will usually be most comfortable with a toddler’s trampoline. It is their size and these are usually fitted with handles or netting to help make bouncing more secure for unsteady legs and enhance their safety as well as parent is peace of mind.

On the other hand, an active older child will be heavier than most toddler’s trampoline safety recommendations allow; a larger trampoline might be the best choice and suited to an older kid’s size, weight and activity level.

Mini-trampolines for all ages are also available and can handle heavier kids and adults and will fit in nearly any garden or backyard area as well as move easily into the house in bad weather. These choices are usually more economical than a full sized trampoline for children.

Midsized and full sized trampolines require more area in a garden or backyard playground and sizes can range from 6ft trampolines to 14ft trampolines or more. Overhead clearance is important when deciding on placement any of the larger trampolines for children in the backyard, as overhead obstructions can pose a safety hazard.

Shapes can range from round (the cheapest to make) to rectangular or even octagonal and each has its strengths and usefulness.

Round shaped trampolines do an excellent job of keeping the bouncer in the center of the trampoline area and this can be very useful for energetic children. They are usually less expensive to purchase.
A square shaped trampoline is different in bounce from a round or rectangular trampoline, the suspension springs are crisscrossed and the height a kid bounce upward get is usually less than that of a rectangular trampoline.

Square trampolines can fit into smaller sized garden or play areas easily and keep the children from attempting to reach the sky and still let them have fun.

Rectangular shaped trampolines for children are the bounciest possible and sometimes the most expensive. However, that depends on the size, and the manufacturer. These trampolines are excellent for gymnastically inclined children or where the trampoline is intended for both adult and children’s use. They are usually meant for larger gardens and backyard play areas.

Now you have the three prime considerations in choosing the best trampolines for children for your home. They are; the size of the children and ages, the size of the children’s play area or your backyard area and of course your budget. Sometimes the wish list overextends the budget with trampolines for children and play equipment; you can usually find a lot of fun for an affordable price if you know what you need.