What does vivacious mean?

  •  It means somebody that is animated, andalways lively.

Noun: -vivaciousness

Adjective: -unvivacious

Examples: – http://sentencehouse.com/use-lament-in-a-sentence/

  • Just a look at that the vicious woman and Icould find myself falling for her.
  • The vivacious flowers not only grow in thespringtime, but also usher in a time where people would be able to live theirlives without pondering over any kind of issues of problems. http://sentencehouse.com/use-succinct-in-a-sentence-sentence-examples/
  • It is with a vivacious understanding of life andhis prominence towards eloquence that has led him to be the president of thedebating club, and he has remained in that position for a long time.
  • To make yourself less vivacious, it is veryimportant to look superficial.
  • If you look at your plate, you would comeface-to-face with some of the most vicious fishes that you could possibly eat.
  • You need to express yourself in a vivaciousmanner so that the women will be able to get you without coming across as acreep or a jerk.